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Rising from the Ashes 🔥

Life ~ Death ~ Rebirth

Goddess Series

Reclaiming our Divine Feminine Energy & Essence

Through Soul Codes, Symbols & Messages of the Goddess within 


Cosmic Oracle Art
​with Cosmic Light Codes & Energy

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Journey with the Oracle Sanctuary ~ You are invited to join a monthly sanctuary—a mystical portal—of oracular art, music, and the energy of the moon’s cycles so that you can connect with the beauty of your unique soul.

Each month, we gather to consciously engage with these energies to co-create the life we dream and desire.

This is a place to be nurtured, renewed, and grounded into the tranquil embrace of sisterhood.

~ Become a powerful co-creator of your own life ~

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  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “KarenElizabeth shares her creative work in a way that allows others to gain a new and deeply spiritual perspective of their place in the world”

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “Journeying with a piece of art is powerful and when the experience is steeped in information about the moon there is an explosion of medicine being offered. KarenElizabeth has developed a practice that is exciting to someone like me who is always looking for something that will challenge me out of my normal way of thinking”

    Dr. Erin Fiero

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “There’s magic in Fire Moon Goddesses paintings. ~
    Each painting holds personal messages just for you ~”

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “Journey with the Oracle Members Portal is such a beautiful healing place. ”



I ❤️ my Beautiful Soul Family

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